Defend your data

against cyber attacks

Thanks to its new data-centric artificial intelligence approach, Daspren is the only solution able to detect pure zero-day ransomware attacks with no history.

Made in France - Patented innovation.

Dive in. Learn what makes Daspren unique.

Daspren is the only Data Detection and Response (DDR) that integrates detection and blocking of cyber attacks.

Daspren goes deep, using our patented data-centric AI to meticulously dissect and analyze every data access. It seamlessly intercepts and scrutinizes these access requests, ensuring that only legitimate, authorized applications can access your data, keeping it secure and protected.

How it works?


Discover data accesses you are unaware of, and data you own that you don't know about.


Our system quickly identifies any suspicious activity, ensuring that you are promptly informed.


With Daspren by your side, your data is protected from unwanted breaches.

Protect your data now

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It’s time to secure your business

Secure all your mission-critical data

Efficiently protect your data with a European-based solution that is designed for performance and reliability.


Ensure the safety of your data and business to prevent disruptions and revenue loss.


Take full advantage of your computer's performance with Daspren's lightweight design.


Your data remains securely on your own infrastructure.

Daspren is a unified security platform

Addressing numerous use cases, Daspren is the go-to platform for preventing data breaches.

Ransomware prevention

Instantly detect and prevent malicious modifications on your files.

Zero-day detection

Stay ahead of emerging threats with our zero-day detection feature, which identifies and neutralizes unknown threats in real-time.

Data discovery

Accurately discover your sensitive data with the help of our advanced data detection and discovery feature.


Take advantage of our advanced Data UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) feature, which allows you to monitor and analyze user behavior in order to detect anomalies and prevent data breaches.

Preventing data exfiltration (coming soon)

Prevent the exfiltration of valuable data from your endpoints and servers with our proactive measures.

AD Protection (coming soon)

Enhance the security of your Active Directory with our solution. It effectively safeguards your directory services from intrusion and unauthorized modifications.

DLP (coming soon)

Our powerful solution is designed to safeguard your confidential data against unauthorized access and breaches.

Endpoint & server protection

Protect your critical infrastructure and devices with our robust endpoint and server protection. Our solution defends against the latest vulnerabilities and threats, ensuring seamless operations and data integrity.

Cloud station protection

Protect your cloud-based assets effectively with our cloud station protection feature, which shields your data from emerging threats.

Virtual machine protection

Secure your virtual environments with our specialized virtual machine protection, which guards against unauthorized access and breaches.

Remote worker protection

Ensure business continuity and keep your remote workforce safe and secure with our dedicated protection measures.

This becomes possible when you finally have the right platform

Unbeatable detection

Detects and blocks even the most sophisticated ransomware attacks, including pure zero-day, APT, fileless, and more, in microseconds.

Avoiding false positives

Daspren generates far fewer false positives compared to traditional solutions. Additionally, you have the ability to create your own authorization lists.

Deploy in minutes

Our solution is easy to deploy and has no impact on performance.


Let's protect your future together

Your data is the primary target of hackers. That's where we come in. Our dedicated team of cybersecurity experts is ready to work closely with you.

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