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We are Daspren

A team of passionate and committed cyber-security experts, dedicated to providing high-quality protection solutions.

The world of cybersecurity has evolved

Daspren is a DeepTech startup that emerged from the Inria Rennes research center. We are a dedicated team of experts who are passionately committed to delivering high-quality security solutions.

Data, the beating heart of the modern enterprise, is rarely confined to a single device. That's where Daspren comes in. We have decided to go beyond standard protection measures and instead, focus on safeguarding your data wherever it is stored.

Our platform, built on patented and proven machine learning techniques, ensures the protection of your data no matter where it is located.

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Leadership Team

Belkacem Teibi

Belkacem Teibi

Cofounder & CEO

Mathieu Thiery

Mathieu Thiery

Cofounder & CTO

Advisory Board

Anne Perrin

Anne Perrin

Paul Emmanuel

Paul-Emmanuel Caillard

Our Values

The driving force behind our everyday actions

Excellence & humility

We continuously strive for outstanding performance, consistently seeking opportunities for growth and improvement. However, we remain humble, acknowledging that there is always more to achieve and learn.

Respect & ethics

Our actions are guided by a strong sense of ethics, and we uphold integrity and transparency in our daily lives.

Simplicity & efficiency

We strongly believe in simplicity. Our solutions are straightforward and clear-cut, eliminating unnecessary complexities and promoting efficiency in all our operations.

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